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I go by the name Alex and I thank you for taking this moment to learn a little about me.  Well, I’ve lived in a few different cities, but I am currently residing in Charlotte, NC. My hometown is just outside of Charlotte, so North Carolina will always be home to me.  After graduating high school, I attended college at an HBCU where I earned my Bachelors degree and later earned my Masters degree.  Despite my education, I was still seeking a career that I could truly enjoy. My interest in photography became clear through my love of travel and adventure.  Taking photos while traveling or hiking started as a hobby, but as I began to really take the time to capture the right shot, this hobby of mine quickly evolved into my passion.  I immersed myself into the art and study of photography and as my skills and knowledge developed, I knew this is what I should be doing.  

The most powerful aspect of my role as being a photographer is capturing my subject in a way that authentically represents their true personality through a still image. My style of photography is raw with natural lighting. Bold with vibrate colors and vivid concepts. My work is largely inspired by just living in the moment while allowing the camera lens to capture the magic.

So, welcome and thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me. You're considering booking a session with me, then what are you waiting for? Fill out a contact form so we can book your free consultation and start bringing your vision to reality.